Lose fat. Gain muscle. Live better.

Let’s get real here for a second. You want to get in better shape, but you’ve struggled with it. In the past, maybe you’ve had some success with this – you’ve dropped some weight or gained some muscle – but you couldn’t quite get the results you wanted. Hell, maybe you’ve never had success getting in shape and can’t figure out how to make it happen. Online coaching is the solution to your problem and I’ll explain exactly why.

Firstly, online coaching from NEXTUP Sports Performance isn’t simply a cookie-cutter workout program, it’s much, much more. Here’s a little overview of some things that are included when you begin online coaching:

  • Comprehensive assessment. To get results, you have to first know where you’re at and then devise a plan for success. Through our comprehensive assessment process we’ll be able to establish your baseline, figure out your goals and create the right plan for you.
  • Personalized exercise plan. An absolute beginner will need a much different exercise program from someone who has been training for 15 years. Yes, some basic principles are the same, but your program will be based on exactly where you are at right now – no generic program here.
  • Personalized nutrition plan. Do you want to see significant changes to your body? Nutrition has to be addressed. But don’t worry, your nutritional plan will be created around your lifestyle, the foods you love and the goals you have. Can you have your cake and the body of your dreams too? Yes, but only if you have a plan in place from a coach who knows what they’re doing.
  • 24/7 support and accountability. Self-directed workout routines fail more often than not. What does this mean? You need support to get real results. With consistent check-ins, accountability for your diet and exercise, and the full support of your coach you’ll be able finally get the results you desire.

Secondly, training is an art and through the NEXTUP Sports Performance Online Coaching Program you’ll be able to turn your body into a masterpiece – One you’ll be proud of and that will give you the confidence to dominate the world (In a good way of course).  We’ll devise a program that evolves as you do and fits your lifestyle – something a program from a magazine will never do for you. As your goals change, your program will change, allowing you to get results regardless of the circumstances in your life.


Our Coaching Philosophy

Anyone can have the body they want. The question is – What are you willing to do to get it?

If your goal is to drop 10 pounds of body fat, that’s great, but the amount of effort you put towards that goal will determine how fast you achieve it. If you want to drop those 10 pounds in the quickest way possible you can’t eat donuts for breakfast, Big Macs for lunch and never set foot in a gym – Your actions have to reflect your desired outcomes.

With that being said, you don’t have to be a slave to your diet and exercise plan to get amazing results.

You want to go out for drinks with friends? You can do that.

You want to go to dinner, have a delicious burger and dessert? You can do that.

Are you burned out and don’t feel like exercising today? You can do that too.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t do these things every day and with online coaching you’ll be training hard and eating plenty of nutritious foods, but this is real life we’re talking about here – shit happens. We’ll make adjustments in your program along the way. You want to have a sexy body, feel confident and actually enjoy your life? This is all possible with an excellent coach and the right plan.

Who is this for?

This program is not for everyone. Here’s a few ways to know if online coaching through NEXTUP Sports Performance is a good fit for you:

  • You want coaching from someone who knows what they’re doing. I’ve got you covered and will take the guesswork out of getting you fit.
  • You are willing to put in the work. It will take effort, but you can get results. If you aren’t willing to work hard, this program isn’t for you.
  • You are willing to share information – How your training and nutrition is going, problems you are having and so on – It’s important so we can get you the best results possible.
  • You are willing to commit. If you’re looking for a 3 week program this isn’t for you. Results take time and so does changing your habits, which is why the program requires a 3 month minimum commitment. Remember, it took you more than 3 weeks to get to this point in your life, so it’ll take a little longer to get exactly where you want to be.
  • You like to minimize risk. Within the first 30 days of training if you find out it’s not a good fit for you, you’ll receive your money back and we’ll figure out what might be a better fit for you. The goal is to find what will work for you – even if you decide that’s not with NEXTUP Sports Performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different?

Great question, but it’s fairly obvious – the philosophy. This program takes a personalized approach to your health and wellness, focusing on changing your behaviors and developing habits that will last a lifetime, not just a few weeks.

What equipment is needed?

Ideally, you’ll workout at a gym, but even with minimal equipment at home we’ll be able to create a workout plan that will get you results.

What if I have special considerations, like a previous injury?

We’ll work around any injuries or health concerns you have, adjusting your program as needed based on what you can handle.

How does payment work?

Payment is handled through PayPal, with an upfront cost for different training packages

Is this coaching program for men and women?

Yup, you bet.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, this online coaching program is for those 18 years of age and older, but besides that anyone can apply.

Online Personal Training

Don’t worry, there’s no commitment yet, but I am only accepting a limited number of people into my coaching program to ensure the highest quality for each person.
  • We Charge Monthly For our Online Fitness Coach and all your workouts will be delivered to you every week. Monthly payment will be paid prior to receiving workouts.
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